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Ready for action.

Laser-focused on providing Winnipeg’s finest laser tag experience.  Our arena is great for parties and groups! Grab your friends and check it out!

Uptown Alley’s Cyber Battle arena is 3,000 square feet of exhilaration as you evade the enemy and zero in on your targets. Hide, bide your time, slide into the open and then blast away to win a laser battle of intergalactic proportions.

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Check out Cyber Battle.

Featuring outstanding graphics and design that takes you away to another world!

If you want to play the best laser tag arena in Winnipeg, look us up! Our arena has playing space for up to 11 people per team. A great idea for a children’s birthday party, team wind-up, or a team-building activity for your club or workplace. Use your smarts to strategize; use your speed to evade the enemy; use your wits and steely determination to hit the targets and protect your base from destruction! When you’re done your game, remember the name on your pack and check out your stats on the scoreboard outside the arena! Challenge each other to see who can win the highest accuracy or most tags! Please note that our Laser Tag arena holds up to 20 people.  If your group is less than 20 people you will be combined with another group.  To secure exclusive use of the Laser Tag arena, you must purchase all 20 vests for that particular game if they are available. Need a group picture? Ask our Game Marshals to snap one for you – or with you – we love to be part of your party!

Locked. Loaded. Lit.

If you have never played before, we will coach you and get you ready for battle. You’ll be a laser beam buff in no time! Before each game starts, our laser tag marshals give everyone a quick demo of how to use our phaser, where your team’s base is and how to accumulate points while playing the game! For Winnipeg’s latest in laser tag tech and an event to remember you can now book online! $8.99 per person for 1 game $16.99 per person for 2 games $24.99 per person for 3 games


Some frequently asked questions about our Laser Tag

How old do you have to be to play?

To play laser tag, we suggest a minimum height of 42 inches.

How long does a game take?

A laser tag mission lasts 12 minutes. By the time you get into our vesting room, suited up, watch the orientation and rules video it's about 15 minutes.

Can we play with only our group in the arena?

We have 20 vests for our laser tag arena. The only way to guarantee that you will be the only ones in the arena is to book (and pay for) all of the available vests.

Will we be the only ones playing?

We use as many vests as are available. This means that there may be other groups in the arena with you. The only way to ensure you have exclusive use of the laser tag arena is if you purchase a game for all vests for that particular round.