Indoor Activities in Winnipeg

While we’d love to be your number one destination for winter fun, we’re also happy to be your backup plan for summer events!

Indoor Activities in Winnipeg

The weather here in Winnipeg is known to be rather unpredictable. It’s always great to plan an outdoor activity for birthdays, weddings, reunions and all sorts of events. Firing up the BBQ, sitting around a fire, or throwing around the football is always a great way to spend a summer afternoon…but when the bad weather strikes, we’ve got you covered!

Cool and Rainy Days

During the spring and summer months, outdoor activities are always great, but what do you do when it rains or gets too chilly to go outside? We always have great deals for families and groups to come down and bowl a few games and have some great food as well!

Too Hot Outside?

When it gets too hot outside and you’re looking for a cool place to cool down, come and see us! We always have the A/C on and some tasty cold beverages ready to serve! Whether it be some ice-cold water, one of our tasty slushies or maybe some ice cream or milkshakes from the snack bar!

Are the Bugs Driving You Crazy?

Are you looking for something fun to do but don’t want to be eaten alive by the mosquitoes? Give us a call! We always have something going on – whether it’s daytime, evening or late night – we’ve got you covered!

Corporate and Group Events

If you are hosting an event, but the weather isn’t co-operating, give us a call! We have successfully rescued a number of golf tournaments and group picnics! We can host groups of over 300 people, have an amazing menu and loads of activities to keep your party rolling!

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