Bowling Leagues at Uptown Alley

Let the Good Times Roll!

Winnipeg’s coolest scoring system! You can make your lane as fun (or as simple) as you would like it to be – you choose right at the lane! Check your stats online and invite friends and family check out your scores online!

League Bowling Perks

By joining a league at Uptown Alley you get a discount on food and drinks at the Bistro on league night and special rates on bowling.

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Am I Good Enough to Join a League?

Of Course You Are!!!!

At this point, all of our leagues here at Uptown Alley are fun based and based on a handicap system to keep everyone on an even playing field!  This means no, you don’t need a PBA Membership to bowl with us – our major requirement is that you’re looking to have a good time and meet some new people! If you’re interested, just tap “Contact” in the menu to shoot us a message and we’ll get you signed up!

Leagues we Offer

We have Mixed Leagues, Ladies Leagues, Youth Leagues, Beer Leagues, Fun Leagues and Competitive Leagues

At Uptown Alley, we have a wide selection of leagues to choose from – There’s something here for everyone! Most of our leagues run form the first week after Labour Day until mid to late April and range in price from $13 to $20 per week.  

Day Time League Name Type of League
  7pm Wednesday Night Mixed Mixed Fun
Thursday 7pm Thursday Night Mixed Mixed Fun
Sunday 11am Sunday Morning Mixed Mixed Fun / Competetive


League Perks

Why join a league here at Uptown Alley?

Other than simply bowling at the coolest new place in town, here is a list of a few of the great perks our league bowlers enjoy.

  • League night discount of 10% off food purchases
  • League night discount of $.75 off individual alcoholic beverages
  • 10% off bowling equipment purchases
  • Access to exclusive practice rates

Beer League

10 Weeks of Fun and Prizes

The first session of our short-season beer league will be starting in early October. We’ll be giving out prizes for all sorts of achievements! -high games, low games, strikes, gutter balls and who knows what else! Just tap “Contact” in the menu to shoot us a message and we’ll keep  you up to date!

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Women & Wine Bowling Club

Uncork Some Good Times!

Join us for 8 weeks of fun, with weekly prize draws and of course some great wine!

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Create Your Own League

Looking to Get Together Regularly for Some Fun?

If you’re looking to get a group together on a regular basis for some good times, but don’t see a league on a day or time you’re looking for – give us a call! We can help you create your very own bowling league! All you need is a minimum of a couple of teams who are ready to have some fun and we’ll help you make it happen!